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Nishtha Institute of Training and Education
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Self / Individual Development

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This track is all about individual development courses that aim to strengthen the soft skills required for corporate professionals as well as individuals looking for personality enhancing courses, that will embellish their professionalism for higher career growth opportunities. Such courses combined with the Values based Leadership course for individuals will lay the foundation for futuristic success and growth.

SD-01: Enhancing Communication
Students will learn the essential ingredients of communication, the techniques for communication, appropriateness / relevance of communication and the various communication medium and their proper usages, besides several other factors. The goals is to ultimately educate on how to enhance the communication ability, relevance and effectiveness that is respectable and successful.

SD-02: Enhancing Presentation
Participants will learn the techniques for proper presentation that lends confidence, clarity, consistency, conspicuousness, creativity and crispness. Such effective presentations go a long way in influencing critical corporate decision making and can make or break deals and other efforts, based on the effectiveness of communication and delivery.

The above two courses are highly recommended for any professional in managerial / leadership roles

Nishtha also offers the following courses

  • Effective negotiation and selling techniques (1 day)
  • Customer relationship management (1 day)
  • The power of attitude in attaining excellence (4 hours)
  • Managing change (4 hours)
  • Business etiquette and grooming (4 hours)
  • Cross cultural communication (4 hours/1 day)
  • Stress management (4 hours)
  • Effective networking (4 hours)
  • Time management and goal setting (4 hours/1 day)
  • Work-life balance (4 hours)

Other customized soft skill courses per corporate needs can also be provided by Nishtha. If interested, please contact Sai Madhavan, Director of N.I.T.E at +91 9677077910 or send an e-mail to and we would be most obliged to discuss & clarify on further details.