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PMP Online training

Today’s business calls for leaders to extend their role and dynamically take on additional managerial responsibilities and vice-versa, breaking the conventions of yester-years. So, our courses will cover these aspects and focus on the pragmatic requirements of today’s leaders & managers with a vision to adapt to changing global and cultural requirement.

TLM-01: Global Organizational Leadership for Mid-level & Senior Managers (1 Day)
This is for those professionals who are already in some leadership role and would like to get oriented and trained, to adapt to the demands for the styles of leadership required in current day volatile, dynamic, multicultural, global scenario. It also helps to prepare leaders with awareness of what it takes to scale and reach higher levels of leadership. The benefit for the corporates is to get participants oriented for higher goals and objectives (we recommend a review of the company culture, business and goals to make the course effective)

TLM-02: Leadership workshop for Team Leads & Managers on real life scenarios (2-Day)
This is again for those professionals who are already in a managerial or leadership role. In this workshop, key leadership principles are brought into play in simulated practical situations. Real life scenarios are taken up through role plays, analysis of case studies and discussions culminating in a rich discussion and gathering of awareness as well as practice of principles for situational real-life leadership. This enriches individual leadership capabilities tremendously, thereby driving a better steered organization.