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Six Sigma

Six Sigma

Six Sigma denotes a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. Six Sigma is a disciplined data driven approach and methodology with commitment for eliminating defects (driving towards six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit) in any process -- from manufacturing to transactional d from product to service. This practice & awareness have become a de-facto standard that all corporates practice.

SS-01: Six Sigma Methodologies & Tools
This is a 1 day session, to be carried out for those participants, who have a very basic knowledge of Six Sigma and its sub methodologies i.e. DMAIC & DMADV. Herein, the methodologies and important tools applied in DMAIC & DMADV are explained with examples and taught as to how to apply them

SS-02: Lean Management, Kaizen & Integration with Six Sigma
This is a 1 day session where after a brief introduction to Six Sigma, Lean Sigma is explained. Also, the blending of Six Sigma with Lean Management & Kaizen and with ISO 9000 is elucidated. The importance of 6 S will be elucidated with a exhaustive case study.

SS-03: Case Studies & Applications of Lean Sigma in various industries
This is a 1 day session. This session will require a participant to have attended both the above sessions to fully digest the various case studies as they are interlinked. Here actual case studies from various big industries and SME’s will be provided as per requirement of both the size and type of industry, to be informed well in advance for customizing the session.

SS-04: Lean Sigma Project selection & development
This is a 1 day session which can only be done after, attending all the above sessions and also having done private study from text books of recognized Six Sigma Authors. This will bring the participants to almost, Green/Yellow belt level of proficiency. Here the techniques of selection of projects (based on already analyzed and selected problems) will be taught. Then a practice session of writing a Mini Project will be held at the end of session

Attending all the above four courses in Six Sigma and passing a rigorous examination at our center will yield a Black Belt Certification (this certification is being planned in the near future)